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Simple vs. Complex Wills: Which Should You Choose?
Simple vs. Complex Wills: Which Should You Choose?

While most people understand that a will is something they should have, their understanding of the functions that it serves is usually limited. What should your will say? And more importantly, will a simple will or a complex will be necessary given your needs? Deciding ...

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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Proving Fault in a Premises Liability Case

    Premises liability claims often represent a difficult area of personal injury law and litigation, mainly due to the fact that the person who is hurt ...

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  • Considering Special Needs Dependents When Creating an Estate Plan

    It can be a considerable challenge for people with chronic illnesses and mental disabilities to take care of themselves. Many require a caretaker to ...

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  • What Happens if Someone Passes Away Without a Will?

    In the event that someone passes away without a will in Florida, state intestate succession laws will dictate how assets are distributed. While the ...

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  • Understanding Trusts in Fort Myers

    Unlike a will , a trust is used to create a legal entity that can hold assets for your benefit or the benefit of another while you are alive. Trusts ...

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  • Wills in Fort Myers

    No matter how large or small your personal estate may be, having a last will and testament is very important and can provide peace of mind knowing ...

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  • Why Do I Need Title Insurance?

    If you have been shopping around the real estate market in your area for a new home, at one point or another, someone has probably told you that you ...

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  • What Are the Benefits of Contingency Fees?

    For the average person, the main concern when hiring a personal injury attorney is cost. It is no secret that lawyers have a reputation for charging ...

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  • Should I Have an Attorney Help with My Real Estate Closing?

    Are you thinking of buying or selling a home, business, or another piece of real property? You surely understand that it is far more complicated than ...

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  • Real Estate Law FAQ: How Much Do Closings Cost?

    Whenever you complete a real estate transaction , you will generate what is known as closing costs, or the price of actually transferring the title of ...

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