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Case Results

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  • $53,000,000 Structured Settlement Child Severe Brain Damage - Medical Malpractice

    Anesthesiology and pediatric gastroenterology, brain damage. A very concerned mother scheduled her 9 year old daughter for a gastroenterology endoscopic exam.

  • $3,000,000 Settlement Child Brain Injury - Medical Malpractice

    Nursing care, child brain injury. A young child suffering from numerous medical problems including neurological and physical injuries with partial paralysis received home nursing care assistance.

  • $1,900,000 Settlement Death of Leg from Over-Radiation

    An active gentleman in his late 40’s was discovered to have a cancerous tumor in his thigh.

  • $750,000 Settlement Default & Summary Judgment Urology Negligence

    A young woman whose urologist advised her that she had bladder cancer after removing a small tissue sample from her bladder.

  • $500,000 Settlement Semi-truck Accident - Personal Injury

    A mid-age man was traveling to work when he failed to observe a semi-truck coming into his lane of travel.

  • $500,000 Settlement Urology Bladder Damage - Failure to Diagnose

    A retired gentleman was experiencing bladder problems because kidney stones were located in his bladder.

  • $400,000 Settlement Wrongful Death - Neglected by Nursing Staff
    An elderly patient was admitted to the hospital because she had fainted. She was a dialysis patient and a diabetic, suffering from symptoms of dementia and some disabilities from a prior stroke. She was neglected by the nursing staff and developed bedsores. They became infected, and she died of sepsis about 5 weeks later.
  • $350,000 Settlement Nerve Damage and Dropped Foot Caused by the Failure to Diagnose a Hematoma by an Emergency Room and Internal Medicine Physicians
    An elderly gentleman had hip surgery and experienced severe pain and was brought to the emergency room by ambulance. The emergency room physician knew of the hematoma at the surgery site but failed to relieve the pressure on the nerve. His pain persisted and his toes became numb and he could not move his toes. A physician admitted him to the hospital but also failed to take any action. This resulted in permanent nerve damage and he no longer had control of his foot from the ankle down.
  • $275,000 Settlement Wrongful Death - Over-Prescribed Pain Medications
    A young adult visited a neurologist claiming the need for pain medication. The neurologist never ordered prior medical records and prescribed numerous prescriptions for pain medication. The patient refilled pain medication within a month after first visit and shortly thereafter died of an overdose of the pain medication.
  • $260,000 Settlement Car Accident Resulting in Surgery
    Rear-end collision matter that resulted in meniscus surgery and multiple disk herniations.
  • $260,000 Settlement Car Accident Resulting in Serious Injury
    Head-on collision resulting in a skull fracture and 10 disk fracture.
  • $250,000 Settlement Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Breast cancer screening mammography results not disclosed. Breast Cancer Mammography Screening/Physician Failed to Tell the Patient that she Needed a Biopsy/Delayed Cancer Diagnosis. An elderly patient went for a mammogram screening for breast cancer. The mammogram results indicated that she needed biopsies in both breasts because of probable breast cancer based on the screening. The report was sent to her primary care physician, and although she visited the primary care physician several times over about 9 months, the treating physician did not advise the patient of the need for biopsies in both breasts because of the abnormal appearance of the mammogram. The patient then felt a lump in her breast and the physician found the report in the file. She had breast cancer in both breasts
  • $250,000 Settlement Nursing Home Abuse - Refused to Call 911 for Resident Having Heart Attack
    An elderly woman in a nursing home was experiencing chest pain and difficulty breathing, and although she told the nursing home staff of her symptoms and complaints, they refused to call 911. She was found in the room next door trying to call 911 because she did not have a phone in her room. They then placed her back in the wheelchair and put her back into her room. She again went to the room next door and called 911. The ambulance brought her to the emergency room and she was diagnosed as having a heart attack which resulted in significant heart damage. She died a few months later.
  • $250,000 Settlement Anesthesiology Malpractice
    An elderly man underwent a short medical procedure and an inexperienced nurse anesthetist incorrectly brought him out of anesthesia, causing severe negative pressure pulmonary edema which resulted in his death.
  • $250,000 Settlement Surgeon Cuts Nerve Causing Loss of Movement and Trapezius
    A young man underwent a surgical procedure to remove a swollen gland at the base of his neck and shoulder. The surgeon cut the accessory nerve causing permanent paralysis to the trapezius muscle, which caused it to atrophy resulting in substantial arm weakness and disfigurement.
  • $220,000 Jury verdict Plastic Surgery Disfigurement
    An attractive woman underwent plastic surgery to give herself fuller lips. The plastic surgeon injected a silicone-based product improperly, which resulted in beading of her lower lip looking and feeling like it contained peas. He then injected more product a few weeks later causing more disfigurement. He then tried to remove the substance causing more disfigurement of her lips.
  • $200,000 Settlement Podiatrist Teenage Woman Undergoes Surgery by a Podiatrist Resulting in Infection
    The podiatrist failed to culture the infection, and although the wound would not heal, continued to advise the patient to wait and see. The infection seeded in the bone and she was required to undergo additional surgery causing partial paralysis of her foot.
  • $193,000 Settlement Breast Cancer/Failure to Diagnose
    A young woman felt a small lump in her breast and brought it to the attention of her OBGYN. The OB-GYN advised that it was nothing to be concerned about and probably was just a simple cyst. The patient returned about once a month complaining of the same area and her symptoms were increasing and the OB GYN basically was ignoring her symptoms. At her annual physical with an internal medicine physician, the doctor ordered a biopsy. The young woman was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy.
  • Gallbladder Removal, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
    The doctor cut the common bile duct but did not realize the mistake. The patient suffered numerous symptoms before she was correctly diagnosed (two days later) and transported to another facility for emergency reconstructive surgery to create a new bile duct for the bile flow from her liver to her small intestine. (This matter was confidentially settled.)
  • College Student Assaulted by Bouncer at Local Bar
    The young man was trying to reenter the bar because he had forgotten his cell phone and the bouncer refused to allow him to enter, and instead of accepting his explanation, punched him several times. He had a fracture to his cheekbone and other minor cuts and abrasions. (Confidential settlement.)
  • Diabetic Dies Because the Hospital Monitoring System was Ignored
    An elderly gentleman was admitted to the hospital, diabetic, awaiting additional procedures. The monitor in his room showed he was having a heart attack and the nursing station failed to take action and/or review the monitor. Patient’s wife discovered him in the room in severe distress with a very slow heartbeat. He was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and died within a week from multi-system organ failure caused by the heart attack. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Failure to Diagnose - Wrongful Death
    A young man was sent home from the emergency room after several tests but failed to perform an MRI of his back in spite of complaints of severe pain in the spine. Patient returned two days later and died within 9 hours of a massive infection, multi-system organ failure and pneumonia. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Wrongful Death - Young Adult Overdose of Pain Medication
    A young adult visited a neurologist claiming the need for pain medication. The neurologist never ordered prior medical records and prescribed numerous prescriptions for pain medication. The patient refilled pain medication within a month after first visit and shortly thereafter died of an overdose of the pain medication. (Confidential Settlement)
  • Dental Implant Crushes Alveolar Nerve
    An elderly woman sought dental implant to improve her appearance. The implant dentist failed to use a pilot drill and appropriate x-ray technique causing the implant to extend too deep in the bone and crush the patient’s alveolar nerve, permanent nerve damage and pain, permanent numbness, and the patient is on extensive pain medication for life. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Heart Attack Caused by Over-the-Counter Non-Prescription Weight Loss Medicine
    A woman in good health with no heart disease or history had a heart attack caused by over-the-counter weight loss medication. A lawsuit was brought against the pharmaceutical company for permanent heart damage. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Blindness Caused by Detached Retina - Failure to Diagnose
    An elderly woman was experiencing a loss of vision in one eye. The vision was slowly declining on one side of the eye, becoming a black area in her field of vision. The physician, not an opthamologist, examined her eye and advised her it was nothing to worry about and that she should consider making an appointment with an opthamologist in the future. The patient lost vision in the eye shortly thereafter, permanent blindness from retinal detachment. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Young Adult Struck with Police Baton - Excessive Use of Force
    Y A young adult (teenager) on his way home after picking up his siblings was stopped by a police officer. Standing outside the vehicle and verbally calling the police officer a name as he handed his driver’s licence to the policeman, the police officer because enraged and struck him with his baton causing the need for multiple staples in his head from impact. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Unnecessary Exploratory Back Surgery
    A young woman with back pain was advised that she needed exploratory surgery to identify the problem. The surgeon performed exploratory back surgery causing greater injury and pain. This surgery was contraindicated by her signs, symptoms, complaints, and the nature of her existing back problem. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Surgical Mesh Improperly Installed
    A young mother on occasion when laughing or sneezing would have slight urine leakage. Her OBGYN advised that this was a sign of a need for a bladder mesh surgical implant to prevent greater symptoms and future incontinence. The OBGYN performed the surgery placing mesh over the top of the urethra too tight. The patient could only urinate with a catheter. Additional surgical intervention was required which resulted in implant electrical device to assist patient in urination. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Jet Ski Accident - Broken Femur
    An inexperienced jet ski operator in his teens failed to turn the jet ski, causing it to impact and injure another teenager breaking her femur. She was required to undergo several surgeries and has scarring and loss of range of motion. (Confidential Settlement).
  • Trip and Fall - Premises Liability - Permanent Knee Damage
    A young man was leaving the real establishment of a major retailer when he stepped off the entrance area into a hole, twisting his ankle and slamming his knee to the concrete. This required surgical intervention and permanent damage to his knee. A lawsuit was filed against the company that maintained the parking/entrance area and the major retailer. The case was tried before a jury on the liability issue only and the jury determined that each party was 33 (1/3%) at fault. (Confidential Settlement).