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Do I Need a Lawyer to Evict an Occupant?

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For landlords and property managers, there is often a level of dread that comes with evicting a tenant. You are already faced with frustration from your tenant not paying, or otherwise breaking the lease in some way. As you enter into the eviction process, you will likely be weighing your options and considering whether or not to hire a lawyer. Legally, you have the right to be an attorney pro se, which means you act as your own lawyer. The exception is if the property is titled in the name of an LLC, corporation, trust, or another like entity

The eviction process requires you to follow detailed steps and rules, from notifying the tenant to filing timely and accurate documents with the court. As the landlord, you will need to make sure that every step is accurately followed. With the assistance of a knowledgeable and trusted Fort Myers attorney from Your Advocates, you can be assured that all rules are complied with and each step is completed with minimal cost.

Winning an eviction lawsuit is difficult without the assistance of a lawyer because of the nature of the case. In many courts, the favor is on the tenant whose home is on the line. Therefore, landlords often have to work extra hard to win an eviction case.

There are several scenarios which you will not want to handle without trusted representation by your side, including:

  • This is your first eviction
  • The tenant is contesting the eviction
  • The tenant has hired a lawyer
  • The tenant is filing for bankruptcy
  • When obliged to follow rent control rules

At Your Advocates, we are not intimidated by challenges that arise in our clients’ cases. We will do everything in our power to aggressively fight for your rights. Contact our Fort Myers Law Firm today if you are in need of a devoted legal advocate to evict a tenant!

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