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Eviction Update - What's Happening to Evictions in 2021?

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It's been a long time coming, but relief for landlords is finally here. With the end of the eviction moratorium, tenants will once more be required to pay their rent in a timely fashion or face eviction for non-payment.

As a law firm that regularly represents landlords, after a year and a half of moratorium delays, a real sense of relief can be felt that landlords can finally rid themselves of non-paying tenants and attempt to recoup some of the vast losses suffered as a result of the state-mandated and CDC eviction moratoriums.

However, because the courts have piled up eviction cases during the moratorium, and many more are expected to be filed at the end of this month, there is a possibility for severe delays in processing evictions at the county court level.

The exact extent of the delay is currently unknown. Therefore, it is imperative that you contact an experienced landlord and eviction attorney so that your case can be processed as quickly as possible. Contact our office today. We can help.

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