Our daughter lived in Fort Myers whereas,, my wife and I are Yankees. Our daughter passed away last fall. Needless to say, we were at a loss as to what needed to be done and especially who we should contact for assistance. The undertaker recommended Mr. Ricciardi. Being leary of lawyers in general and not knowing any in Fort Myers we were nervous about contacting Mr. Ricciardi but decided to give ...

Jorge Santana

Attorney in Fort Myers

Jorge SantanaAttorney Jorge J. Santana, Jr. is an American born Cuban-American, fluent in both English and Spanish. Jorge left Miami to join us here in beautiful and peaceful Fort Myers, Florida in March 2015. He has an extreme love for the law, which is only overshadowed by his desire to help all those in need. His reputation for fairness, hard work and honesty is respected by all his clients and attorneys.

Abogado de Fort Myers

Fiscal Jorge J. Santana, Jr. es un estadounidense de origen cubano americano, con fluidez en inglés y español. Jorge salió de Miami a unirse a nosotros aquí en el hermoso y tranquilo Fort Myers, Florida en Marzo 2015. Él tiene un amor extremo por la ley, que sólo se ve ensombrecida por su deseo de ayudar a todos los necesitados. Su reputación por su imparcialidad, el trabajo duro y la honestidad es respetado por todos sus clientes y abogados opuestos

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