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At Your Advocates, we believe a teamwork approach makes anything easier, or at least less stressful. When you need to file for bankruptcy, you can come tour Fort Myers bankruptcy attorneys for all the legal and moral support you need and deserve. We have decades of combined legal experience to put to use for your case, allowing us to go above-and-beyond what you may have been expecting.

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Two Common Forms of Bankruptcy

When you are feeling the weight of unpaid debts, bankruptcy could be your best option to find debt relief before things truly get out of control. There is no shame in filing for bankruptcy – thousands of Americans do it each year! There can be trouble, though, if you approach bankruptcy without an understanding of what it can do. Educate yourself and work through the process with our assistance.

You will likely need to file for one of two types of bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7: The goal of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to eliminate, or discharge, any and all of your unsecured debt. You must meet strict standards to use Chapter 7, and you could potentially lose some of your valued property in the process.
  • Chapter 13: Through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you aim to reduce your debt, not completely discharge it. The payoff is generally being able to keep most or all of your valued property and risking less damage to your credit score.

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Your Advocates is a law firm that is not about assigning each client a case number and pushing them through the legal procedures. Instead, we want to establish a genuine relationship with our clients and form a trusting bond. When we dedicate our time to learn who you are and what your goals through bankruptcy are, we stand a better chance of landing a successful bankruptcy, protecting your property, preventing the foreclosure of your home, and rebuilding your credit for your life after bankruptcy.

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