Rita Jackman is the attorney my business uses for collection problems with a very good success rate. Also, she helped us develop a working contract that was specific to our type of business. I appreciate her knowledge, thoroughness, effectiveness and accessibility.

Fort Myers Foreclosure Attorney

Fighting for Your Rights During Foreclosure

If you are facing a foreclosure action, you need to call an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The service of the first legal papers associated with a foreclosure, the Complaint in Foreclosure, only gives you 20 days within which to file an answer to the complaint after you are served and preserve your rights and defenses. At Your Advocates, we have been specially trained in the local practice here in Lee County.

There have been many stories written about the local rules and practices that are being employed by the court to speed cases through the system and foreclose on defaulting debtors' homes. The nuances of the law and local procedures escape even some of the most experienced attorneys. As one of the top five states in the nation in foreclosure properties, our courts are inundated and overwhelmed by the volume of foreclosure cases they are being asked to handle.

Why You Need Your Advocates

This is why, if you do not have an experienced and savvy foreclosure defense lawyer, your chances of getting a fair trial or process in foreclosure is slim to none. If you are associated with an HOA or a COA, and need to file a foreclosure action against a homeowner for failure to pay fees, we can initiate and prosecute an action for your association as well.

Defense Against Foreclosure Proceedings in Fort Myers

Although you may owe a debt, there are several courses of action which we can take to help you keep your home. Loan modifications and loan refinancing, with the help of HAMP and HARP, have helped many people stay in their homes. If you don't want to keep your home, strategic default and deed in lieu of foreclosure have helped many homeowners terminate their obligations under an otherwise bad loan situation, and avoid having a foreclosure on their credit record.

We also defend against HOA and COA foreclosures for the non-payment of fees and dues. If you do not have a lawyer versed in the foreclosure game in Florida, you will be fighting with both arms tied behind your back. Contact us today for more information and a free evaluation of your case. We are here to help, contact us now.

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