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Boundary Disputes in Fort Myers, FL

Need help with a boundary dispute? Call our professional team today.

The laws regarding real property boundary disputes in Florida are broken down into several different categories. All of the following relate to boundary issues:

  • Tree damage laws
  • Boundary fence laws
  • Right to farm laws
  • Adverse possession laws
  • Easement laws

If you are dealing with a boundary dispute in Fort Myers, Lee County or a surrounding area, please consider consulting with a qualified and experienced real estate law firm prior to embarking on a campaign to right whatever wrong your neighbor has caused.

If you are being sued in a boundary dispute, take the time to meet with a lawyer trained in real estate law. The Fort Myers attorneys at Your Advocates can handle any boundary dispute matter you may be involved in. We have been practicing real estate law for years and have helped dozens of clients resolve boundary disputes, many times without the need for court intervention. The most common boundary disputes arise in fence disputes. Most fence laws are contained in local ordinances, and as such, are not state laws.

Helping You Fight for a Suitable Resolution

The ordinances in each municipality throughout Florida vary from place to place. A thorough knowledge of real estate law as it relates to boundaries is essential in order to successfully pursue or defend a boundary dispute. Our lawyers have been specifically trained to handle all types of real estate matters, and can help you if you are in need of assistance.

Tree damage is usually handled by filing a lawsuit to recover money damages for the actual cost of the damage done to your tree, typically the price you paid for the tree or whatever it costs to replace the tree. Contact us now for a free consultation, especially if your situation is more complex, involving adverse possession of property, or metes and bounds issues that have been perpetuated over years or decades by a faulty chain of title. Contact us today.

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