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Probate Administration Attorney in Fort Myers

Legal Representation for Personal Representatives

At Powell, Jackman, Stevens & Ricciardi, P.A., we provide superior legal representation to personal representatives who are in the process of probate administration. Our Fort Myers probate lawyers strive to deliver unmatched legal representation and outstanding results. If this level of service sounds appealing to you, we invite you to contact Your Advocates today!

Why Choose Your Advocates?

  • We aim to exceed your highest expectations.
  • We offer individualized legal representation.
  • We won't rest until you are satisfied with your case results.
  • We will be your greatest advocate during the probate process.

The Basics of Probate in Florida

Probate is the court-supervised process of authenticating a will, gathering assets of a decedent, paying off the decedent's debts, and distributing what's left among the rightful beneficiaries.

In Florida, there are two types of probate administration:

  • Summary Administration – Streamlined probate process for smaller estates valued less than $75,000, or for estates where the death occurred more than two years prior.
  • Formal Administration – Formal administration only applies to probate assets, which are assets owned by the decedent in his or her sole name at death, or were owned by the decedent and one or more co-owners but lacked a provision for automatic succession upon death.

If the estate does not qualify for a summary administration, then a formal administration may be required.

Probate assets include, but are not limited to:

  • Bank & investment accounts in the decedent's sole name
  • Life insurance policies payable to the decedent's estate
  • Annuities, or IRAs payable to the decedent's estate
  • Real estate titled to the decedent alone

Probate is a necessary process which passes ownership of a decedent's probate assets to the rightful beneficiaries if there is a will, and in the absence of a will, to those who are entitled to inherit under Florida's intestate succession laws.

Probate administration wraps up a decedent's financial affairs after their death, and ensures that the decedent's creditors are paid, taxes are paid, and specific procedures are correctly followed.

Why You Need a Fort Myers Probate Lawyer

Personal representatives should always engage a qualified probate attorney during the probate administration process. Many legal issues arise, many of which are novel and unfamiliar to a non-attorney, plus the personal representative can be held personally liable if any of their errors cause undue harm to the estate.

By hiring a Fort Myers probate lawyer from Your Advocates, you can be confident that we will explain your rights and duties under Florida law, and we will streamline the process for you, thereby ensuring things move as smoothly as possible.

Contact us today if you would like more information, or to schedule a free consultation with a friendly, yet knowledgeable attorney. We offer discounts for AARP members!

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