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If you are in the midst of a divorce, or have considered filing, you are probably wondering how your assets and debts will be divided. State law mandates a fair division between the spouses, which typically means equitable, but not strictly 50/50. In some cases, an equal division would not be truly fair, so the judge will split up the property in variable proportions to make the distribution as fair as possible.

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Factors Affecting Property Division in a Divorce

In order to make the division of assets and debts fair and equitable, the court will look at a number of different factors surrounding a divorce. These include:

  • How long the couple was married
  • The financial situation of each spouse
  • Any interruption in either person's professional or educational background
  • Each spouse's contributions as a parent and/or homemaker
  • Each person's sacrifices for the professional or educational development of the other
  • Each spouse's role in providing income for the household
  • Each spouse's involvement in obtaining or advancing marital assets
  • Liabilities and debts acquired by each person
  • Either person's irresponsibility with financial decisions within the marriage

The court will also take into consideration whether it is feasible to divide an asset, such as a house or small business. In such situations, the judge will likely give the property in question to one spouse while awarding equitable assets or money to the other spouse to compensate. Factors such as child custody, child support, and anything else related to the care and benefit of the couple's children will also play into the court's decisions about property division.

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