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Domestic Violence Attorneys in Fort Myers

Taking Brave Actions to Protect Yourself

Domestic violence situations can be very serious and demand legal intervention. If you are currently uncomfortable around your family members because of violence in the household, you may want to press charges for domestic violence. Feeling unsafe around a spouse, child, or parent is an unnerving sensation and should be properly handled for your safety.

Accusations of domestic violence can drastically change the way a couple handles their divorce. If one spouse is accused of domestic violence, there is a high chance the accused spouse will not be given child custody and won't win favor in court when it comes to property division.

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Obtaining a Restraining Order

If you have been abused within your home by a family member, you shouldn't let this behavior go unreported. Instead, we highly encourage you to speak with a Fort Myers domestic violence attorney at our firm. You will be protected under the client-attorney privilege and none of the information you share can be used against you.

We can help you petition for a restraining order, which will demand that your abuser move out of the home and stay far away from you and your family. Restraining orders can keep you safe from an erratic spouse who is opposing a divorce or is acting in violence out of jealousy.

Why You Need to Issue a Restraining Order

If you get a restraining order against a dangerous family member, the benefits can include:

  • The offender is legally barred from making contact with you
  • The offender cannot be in your home
  • The offender cannot be on your street
  • The offender cannot make contact with your children
  • The offender cannot call you on the phone
  • The offender cannot stalk you in public
  • The offender cannot visit at holidays
  • The offender cannot send e-mails, social medial messages etc.

If an offender violates these laws then he or she may be arrested. Oftentimes, it is easier to get a favorable divorce when your spouse is under a restraining order, as the court will consider that your spouse is not good for the children and may obligate your spouse to pay child and spousal support.

Get the Protected Legal Guidance You Deserve

Call a reliable Fort Myers divorce attorney today if you want to learn more about how you can protect yourself from domestic violence or get assistance with a restraining order. We want to help you in this time of need, and we are committed to your best interests. Work directly with an accomplished attorney at our firm today. Call us right away to learn more!

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