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Child Support Modification Attorney in Fort Myers, FL

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Months or years after a divorce, child custody hearings, and child support proceedings, substantial life changes can occur. This is when it may be appropriate to revisit court-mandated arrangements and determine whether they need to be updated. As the goal of child support is to ensure that a child's needs are met and that the child benefits from both parents' finances, both parents should review any changes in needs to ensure their child is getting the best of what the family can offer.

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At Powell, Jackman, Stevens & Ricciardi, P.A., our skilled Fort Myers child custody lawyer can help you protect the best interests of your child. Each attorney at our firm operates in his or her own practice area, so you will always work with someone who knows how to best address your specific family law case.

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What circumstances are grounds for child support modification?

In the event of significant, ongoing, and unexpected changes in a parent's or child's life, child support can and should be adjusted.

The following are examples of what the state of Florida considers valid changes that would require modification:

  • Loss of or decrease in employment
  • End of the child's private schooling (under age 18)
  • Long-term illness or injury for a parent or the child
  • Increasing costs of care for the child (e.g., health insurance, schooling, transportation, etc.)
  • Substantial increase or decrease in a parent's income

These changes must have a lasting effect on the family's circumstances for one year or more in order to constitute child support modification. Modification can only go into effect on the date the action was filed in court, meaning that any missed payments will still be owed under the original court order.

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If you need to seek child support modification, speak with a trusted divorce attorney in Fort Myers who can help you understand the parameters and ensure that you have the information you need to get the process of seeking a modification in motion. We promise to never pass your case off to a legal assistant or an inexperienced lawyer, so you can be sure you are getting the best possible advice and direction.

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