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Military Divorce Lawyers in Fort Myers, Florida

Tireless, Results-Driven Counsel for Your Military Divorce

Divorce can be an incredibly emotional and complicated process, especially if you or your spouse are members of the military. While the required legal steps are more or less the same, military service and deployments can introduce certain complicated factors that must be considered when determining the terms of your divorce arrangement. At Your Advocates, our compassionate and skilled Fort Myers divorce attorneys have more than 54 years of combined experience representing members of the armed forces and can provide the steadfast guidance to navigate through your military divorce with ease.

Reasons to choose our team of award-winning advocates include:

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How Is a Military Divorce Different?

The major overarching issue that military divorces face is the applicability of both state and federal law, which may sometimes conflict with each other. Additionally, military divorces frequently involve benefits that are difficult to value and divide for attorneys who do not have a clear understanding of military law, as well as relocation issues that can introduce a considerable amount of gray area. Even jurisdiction can be an issue, since service members must file for divorce in the area where they reside rather than where they are currently stationed.

We can ensure your interests are protected during all stages of your divorce, including:

No matter how complex or sensitive your military family law situation may be, our knowledgeable legal professionals can provide the steadfast support you need to maximize your chances of securing a favorable outcome. With responsive communication and a dedication to preserving your wellbeing, you can trust us to stand by your side until your separation is complete.

Let Us Help You Achieve Peace of Mind

There are few experiences as tumultuous or heartbreaking as divorce, and it is an experience you should not attempt to handle alone. When the wellbeing and your and your family’s future is on the line, our Fort Myers military divorce attorneys are here to help. At Your Advocates, we are passionate about helping our clients get through life’s greatest struggles and are willing to go the distance to help you achieve a stronger future.

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