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One of the things that can make divorce a long and arduous experience is property division, especially in high net worth divorces. Someone of high net worth is defined as a person that has at least $1 million in liquid assets, which means it can easily be converted to cash. These individuals typically have incredibly complex financial portfolios, which sometimes require the assistance of forensic accountants.

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Property Division

Of special consideration in high net worth divorces is property division. Florida has its own rules regarding how assets are divided. Florida is an equitable division state, meaning the property will be divided, if not equally, then at least fairly. Judges will often take the following into consideration:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s economic circumstances
  • Any interruption in either spouse’s career
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marriage
  • Either spouse’s contribution the educational or career opportunities of the other spouse
  • Each spouse’s contribution to improving marital or nonmarital assets
  • Each spouse’s contribution to acquiring or increasing income
  • Liabilities incurred by either spouse during the marriage
  • Either spouse’s intentional dissipation or destruction of marital assets after filing for divorce or 2 years prior to filing

In a high net worth divorce, the most highly contested matter is often the standard of living during the marriage. This is also considered when determining spousal support. An excellent attorney should be able to defend your position and help you negotiate with your spouse or defend your position in court.

Forensic Accountants

In high net worth divorces, forensic accountants can be extremely helpful in sorting out the complex portfolios of both spouses. Additionally, if either spouse suspects the other spouse is hiding assets, the forensic accountant can follow the money and ferret out any hidden funds. An accountant can also help a couple determine what is marital or separate property.

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