My name is Ron Olbekson. I am an architect with both a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree from a major university. I have owned my own architectural firm, Ocean Architecture, for over thirty years. I have designed and gotten built strong and exquisite buildings throughout Florida and beyond. Recently I was being threatened by a major american corporation who promised to help us get a mortgage ...

Blog Posts in July, 2017

What You Shouldn't Say After a Car Accident

When you’re dealing with something as serious as a motor vehicle accident, especially where people were injured, what you do or do not say after the crash can hold significant weight later on. ...
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What Is the Right Age to Consider Estate Planning Documents

Last month, my partners and I were fortunate enough to be featured on B103.9's Morning Show, aka “Big Momma and the Wild Bunch.” It was definitely a memorable and exciting experience. ...
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