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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Fort Myers Bankruptcy Attorney – 239.970.6844

If your debts to banks and creditors is piling up high and you do not know what to do, it might be time to utilize Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or liquidation bankruptcy as it is sometimes called. With a successful Chapter 7 filing, the majority or entirety of your debt could be wiped clean and totally discharged. The first step is contacting our Fort Myers bankruptcy lawyers from Your Advocates. With our caring and knowledgeable support, you could be well on your way to a debt-free future before you know it.

Chapter 7 Discharges & Exemptions

The typical representation of bankruptcy in the media and entertainment worlds is fictional but it does resemble Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If successful, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing essentially leaves you with a clean slate but the trade-off is risking some of your valued property and damaging your credit score.

Some property you may be able to keep, depending on your finances, includes:

  • Home with certain amount of equity
  • Retirement savings
  • Automobile up to a certain value
  • Furniture and appliances

For people with massive amounts of debt, Chapter 7 is often the only solution. While it can be intimidating to know that your valued possessions could be taken by creditors or the bank in exchange for debt discharge, our team of Fort Myers bankruptcy lawyers hope you find solace in knowing that you may be able to keep necessary items with our help.

Taking the Chapter 7 Means Test

Due to the strength of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the government limits who can use it. Before your filing can be accepted, you must take your state’s “means test.” In simple terms, the means test involves comparing your necessary expenses and your monthly income to determine if you are making and saving more than the average person in your state. If you make more than the typical Florida household, you have failed the means test and cannot use Chapter 7. Call us at 239.970.6844 for more information about the means test.

Using Bankruptcy to Your Advantage – Contact Us Today

Many people make the mistake of deciding that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is simply not an option for them before they even know what it entails. Allow us to enlighten you and give you a better idea of what to expect during the bankruptcy process. If we determine that Chapter 7 is not right for you, we can discuss Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The point is that there is always hope and the possibility of debt relief if you look for it and side with a team of professional Fort Myers bankruptcy lawyers.

A free consultation can get you started down the right path – request yours now.

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