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Slip & Fall Injury Cases

Personal Injury & Premises Liability Attorneys in Fort Myers

Slip and fall cases comprise the majority of premises liability claims. Yet the frequency of such claims does not make winning them any easier for the injured parties. If you have slipped or tripped while on someone else’s property and suffered a serious injury, you need to take your case just as seriously and pair up with a reliable team of professionals, like our Fort Myers personal injury lawyers.

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From start to finish, you will work directly with our team so you understand how your case is developing. We believe this personalized approach both strengthens our chances of successfully retrieving you a settlement or positively verdict and allows you to rest easier, knowing you have compassionate and experienced attorneys working in your best interests.

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Causes of Slip & Fall Cases

While the actual causes behind slip and fall cases may vary, the root source is always one thing: property owner negligence. People who are visiting someone else’s property, whether that be a retail store, office location, or home, should not have to worry about unreasonable hazards that will make them take a tumble. This right to assume their own safety will be respected and prioritized is what can shift liability onto the property controller.

What are common causes of slip and fall injuries?

  • Slippery surfaces: Spilled drinks, leaking water sources, ice over concrete, etc. all need to be identified and addressed as soon as possible by a property’s controller, especially in areas where there is visitor foot traffic.
  • Broken handrails: Stairwells and steps must be completed with appropriate handrails. Broken or missing rails dramatically increase the chance of someone having a misstep and tumbling.
  • Loose carpeting and debris: The smallest piece of uplifted carpeting can catch someone’s foot and cause them to fall. The same can be said of loose wiring going across walkways and bits of dirt and debris that should have been cleaned up.
  • Dark conditions: Inadequate lighting in key areas throughout a residence or business may lead to people tripping and falling. As swapping out a dim lightbulb takes almost no time or effort, it is quite inexcusable when dark conditions are the cause of a visitor’s injuries.

Any sort of slip and fall injury can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones, paralysis, and brain damage. In fact, tripping and falling, with the complications the resulting injuries cause, are believed to be the number one cause of catastrophic injury and death among elders over the age of 70. Compensation for such injuries needs to be maximized to allow the injured party to recuperate in peace.

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Our Fort Myers personal injury lawyers believe in the comfort of our clients, no matter how intense or complex their slip and fall claim may be. We can manage all the paperwork and intricacies generally tied to claims and lawsuits on your behalf. This client-focused method strengthens your claim while also enabling you to focus on yourself.

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