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What Are the Benefits of Creating a Will?

The most common tool utilized in estate planning is a will. In Florida, an individual who makes a will gives written direction regarding how they want their assets to be dispersed. They also appoint a Personal Representative who has broad powers to probate and administer the estate upon their death. The benefits of creating a will include:

  • Directing who will inherit assets instead of the laws of intestacy
  • Facilitating the payment of funeral expenses and also expenses associated with an individual's last illness.
  • Leave certain items of personal property to certain individuals ex. cars, jewelry, painting, heirlooms.
  • Avoid additional time and expense in probating estate.

Most of all, creating a will gives you greater peace of mind that your family and loved ones are secure and fully provided for upon your death. In Florida, there are certain guidelines that any will must meet in order to be lawfully recognized. Out of state wills must also conform to these guidelines.

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